Borrego Triangle

Distance: 3.7 miles

Season: Spring, Summer Fall,

Water: Yes

Trail Conditions: Excellent

The Borrego Triangle is a pleasant loop hike just a stone’s throw from Santa Fe. Although it doesn’t offer much in views, it’s a great respite from the summer. It’s a perfect after work hike and much of the hike, especially the mile along Tesuque creek boasts surprisingly lush vegetation.


From Santa Fe, follow Bishops Lodge Road to the junction with Hyde Park Road. Turn right and follow Hyde Park Road past Hyde State Park. Just past the small campground, there will be a parking area on the left, just as the road takes a sharp turn to the right.

From the parking area, start down the trail. You’ll pass a newly constructed trail sign as the trail curves around into the bottom of a small draw. The first .3 miles are densely forested as you pass through a small aspen grove with the canyon walls rising above you on each side.

After .3 miles, you’ll come to a fork in the trail. You can do this loop in either direction, but recently I have come to prefer a counterclockwise route. With this in mind, stay left at the fork to follow the Bear Wallow Trail – Trail #182 downhill, following the bottom of the gulch down toward Tesuque Creek. For about 3/4 mile, the trail will follow the drainage before contouring to the right along a hillside as the gulch continues to descend below you. There are some rocky sections of trail here before it switchbacks down to Tesuque Creek in the canyon below.

Monkshood along the Bear Wallow Trail

On a small bridge you’ll cross the creek and turn right to follow the Winsor Trail – Trail #254 upstream. You’ll follow the Winsor Trail for the next .8 miles eventually turning away from the creek before reaching a junction to pick up the Borrego Trail – Trail #150 on the right.

After .1 miles, you’ll cross the creek once again and follow it downstream briefly before turning up a dry wash to your left. After following the wash upstream, the trail will begin a gentle switchback to climb out of the canyon. After two long switchbacks, you’ll reach a small saddle from which the trail starts downhill once again.

After a quick switchback, you’ll pick up a new segment of trail constructed in 2017. For the next .3 miles, the trail stays above the old trail, which follows the drainage down. The new trail was constructed in part to prevent the erosion that had consumed the old trail. Just before completing the loop, the new trail rejoins the old and contours around around to the junction with the Bear Wallow Trail.

Complete the final .3 miles back uphill to return to the parking lot.

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