Apache Kid Trail – Trail #43

The Apache Kid Trail is a 21 mile trail that begins at the Springtime Campground and ends at Grassy Lookout at the junction with Forest Road 138.

Trail Condition: Good

June 2017

From Springtime Campground, the Apache Kid Trail – follows the creek bed upstream  parallel to the campground on the east side of the wash. This first section of the trail at the bottom of the canyon is in a shaded ponderosa forest. After a short ways, the trail crosses in the Wilderness and eventually cross the drainage and begins a steep climb.

At this point, the large trees fall away and the exposed slope creates the potential to be extremely hot. The trail contours away from the canyon as it climbs through rocky terrain. Just before reaching the crest, the trail reenters shaded ponderosa forest.

To remain on the Apache Kid Trail, turn right once atop the crest. The next half mile is flat and offers easy walking and pleasant views to the west over Milo Canyon.

After passing the junction for the Milo Canyon Trail – Trail #49, the trail reenters a shaded, forested canyon and resumes climbing at a relatively steep pitch. It passes the San Mateo Spring, which was completely dry as of June 2017. Do not count on this as a water source.

After another half mile, there’s a junction for the Cowboy Trail – Trail #44.