Bluebell Trail – Trail #10

The Blue Bell Trail is a .8 mile long trail that starts at a junction with the Blue Bell Ridge Trail – Trail #212 and ends at the Porvenir Divide Trail – Trail #247.

Trail Conditions: Poor

June 2019

From the junction with the Blue Bell Ridge Trail – Trail #212. Turn north to head downhill toward Beaver Creek. The first part of the trail has a number of downed trees, but they are easy to bypass. The trail temporarily clears and becomes easy to follow before downfall resumes.

After about 1/3 mile, there is a particularly large blow down where the trail becomes difficult, if not impossible to detect. However, because this trail leads downhill to Beaver Creek, it’s not entirely necessary to remain on the trail, and the good news is that the surrounding terrain is not all that steep.

As you continue downhill, there will be a drainage to your left. Stay on the high side of this drainage to the right, and with any luck, you might pick up the trail again. But if not, don’t worry. You’ll eventually reach Beaver Creek in a large grassy meadow.

NOTE: On the Porvenir Divide Trail – Trail #247, there is sign marking the Blue Bell Trail, but no apparent trail leading from this sign and unless you are equipped with GPS, it would be extremely difficult to pick up this trail from Beaver Creek.