Bob Grounds Trail – Trail #270

The Bob Grounds Trail – Trail #270 is a 3.6 mile long that begins at the Larkspur Trail – Trail #260 and ends at the Bordo del Medio Trail – Trail #252.

Trail Condition: Poor to Unpassable

June 2017

Well, where do you start. As of June 2017, the first leg of the Bob Grounds Trail from the Larkspur Trail – Trail #260 to the junction with the Hamilton Mesa Trail – Trail #249 is completely unpassable due to extreme numbers of downed trees.

From the junction, the trail is clear, beckoning unsuspecting hikers to follow it up to Hamilton Mesa. But after roughly a 1/2 mile, the trail becomes completely clogged with downed trees and requires intense climbing up and around.

Surprisingly, the underlying trail remains followable, but this would not be recommended to anyone.

From the junction with the Hamilton Mesa Trail – Trail #249 continues down the ridge toward the Rio Valdez. In this open meadow, the tread fades considerably, but due to the open, gentle nature of the terrain, it is possible to continue toward the creek below and pick up the Rio Valdez Trail – Trail  #224 at the bottom of the valley.

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