Borrego Trail – Trail #150

The Borrego Trail is a 22 mile long trail. It begins on the Hyde Park Road and ends on Borrego Mesa.

Trail Condition: Excellent to moderate

July 2020

FR 306 to Rio Molina Trail – Trail #227

From the trailhead, follow the trail contouring to the right for about 5 minutes before starting to switchback down the canyon toward the Rio Medio.

The first 15-20 minutes of the hike will be in a recent burn area, but the trail is in surprisingly good condition just the same. Eventually, the trail will steer back into a mature ponderosa forest that was spared by the fire and make the final decent toward a pleasant bench along the Rio Medio. Just downstream from where the trail hits the creek, there are some logs across the water that make for an easy crossing.

NOTE: In July, the crossing was easy, but earlier in the spring, it can be a bit sportier.

Once on the other side of the stream, continue up the canyon of the small tributary, Rito Gallina, stream that joins the Rio Medio. You will be on a flat bench, down stream of Rito Gallina. As you enter the burn area again, look for cut logs as a sign of where the trail is. Even though the trail is faint in this section, it should be relatively easy to follow.

The canyon eventually narrows and at times, the trail climbs a little above the slow trickle of water. Eventually, a mature, lovely ponderosa forest takes over and the trail becomes shaded again. Just before you reach the junction for the Rio Molina Trail – Trail #227, you will pass a small clearing that looks as if it was cleared for a cabin that is no longer there or may have never been built in the first place.

June 2020

Rio en Medio Trail – Trail #163 to Rio Nambe Trail – Trail #160

This section of trail was in slightly better condition than the August 2018 report, below.

July 2018

Hyde Park Road to junction with the Winsor Trail – Trail #254

From the parking area, just above Hyde Park, the well-maintained, heavily traveled trail descends into the forest. After .3 miles there’s a fork with the Bear Wallow Trail – Trail #182. Go right at the fork.

After a short flat section, the trail reaches a spot that was rerouted in 2017 away from the bottom of this drainage. After about .3 miles, it rejoins the original trail and climbs to the top of a small divide. From this point, the trail descends toward Tesuque Creek, switchbacking at the top before contouring a long ways along the hillside.

The trail switchbacks again before reaching the bottom of the drainage and following the creek upstream for a few hundred yards. There is a bridge crossing the creek, and the trail continues uphill through a small meadow tot he junction with the Winsor Trail.

For the next couple miles, the Borrego Trail disappears as it is subsumed by the Winsor Trail.

August 2018

Rio en Medio Trail – Trail #163 to Rio Nambe Trail – Trail #160

From the junction with the Rio en Medio Trail, turn north to follow the Borrego Trail uphill. After about 1/4 mile, the trail joins a dirt road. Continue to follow the road uphill to a small divide that separates the Rio en Medio from the Rio Nambe.

At the top of this divide, the trail leaves the road to the left. The junction is signed and difficult to miss. After a couple switchbacks, the trail descends to the bottom of a small drainage and for the next 1.7 miles, the trail follows this gulch to the confluence with the Rio Nambe.

This section of the route was burned in a forest fire, but surprisingly, the trail was in remarkably good condition.