Capulin Trail – Trail #31

The Capulin Trail – Trail #31 is a roughly 6 mile trail that starts at a junction with the Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32 and ends at the northern boundary of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness.

Trail Conditions: Good

NOTE: The Capulin Trail runs congruent with the Continental Divide Trail – Trail #813, so in many place will simply refer to it as the CDT and not provide its “local name”.

September 2020

Resumidero Trail to Penas Negras Trail

Turning south from the junction with the Corralitos Trail – Trail #452, the trail climbs as the thick forest falls away. Red rock outcroppings intersperse the meadows, but the trail remains easy to follow just the same.

It may be difficult to tell, but the trail is making the final ascent of the San Pedro Peaks (10,592 feet). These peaks are far from dramatic, and if it weren’t for the forest falling it way, it would be easy for them to go unnoticed. However, there are some good views including of Cerro Pedernal to the east.

After summiting, the trail slowly descends to a junction with the Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32. The section of trail is in especially good condition and makes for a very pleasant stroll.