Corralitos Trail – Trail #452

The Corralitos Trail is a 4.3 mile trail that begins in the Resumiddero Campground and ends at a junction with the Capulin Trail – Trail #31.

Trail Conditions: Moderate to Good

September 2020

From the trailhead, pick up the trail, which will start off as a wide, rocky trail and lists slightly to the left. It will quickly narrow into a single track after a sign denoting no motorized vehicles. The trail climbs steadily along the northern banks of the Rito Resumidero. This section passes through ponderosa and aspen forest and tends to be dryer than much of the Wilderness. After about 1/2 mile, you will cross into the Wilderness.

Another 1/2 mile after entering the Wilderness, there will be an unsigned junction. Go right to continue on the Corralitos Trail, climbing to the north.

After another 1.25 miles, you’ll reach a meadow and the trail will fade. The junction with the Cecilia Creek Trail – Trail #451 is just on the other side of a small stand of trees. From this junction, the Corralitos Trail goes left. There should be some cairns with wooden posts to help guide you.

After a short while, the trail enters another meadow. Stay high and right as you cross the length of the meadow. The trail fades, but will reappear once you reenter the forest in the northwest corner.

The trail is in good condition. It is easy to follow and there should be very little downfall. It does enter one final meadow. This one is a little trickier because of the juniper and firs that are interspersed throughout. Once again, the trail fades, but if you climb up and to the left, the tread should reappear just behind a wooden post and cairn.

By this point, you have completed the majority of the climbing and shortly after this last meadow, spruce and fir become the dominant overstory. In less than a mile, you will reach the end of the Corralitos Trail where it Ts into the Capulin Trail – Trail #31.