Damian Trail – Trail #436

The Damian Trail is a 2.7 mile trail that goes between Las Vacas Trail – Trail #51 and the Palomas Trail – Trail #50.

Trail Conditions: Good

October 2020

From the junction with the Palomas Trail – Trail #50, go straight, left, to pick up the Damian Trail. This first 1/2 or so cuts through a series of meadows and the underlying tread of the trail is minimal, but there are numerous wooden sign posts marking the way, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding the trail.

Eventually, you will drop into a small, grassy valley to cross the Rio de las Vacas. Once you drop into the canyon, keep going upstream for about 100 yards before crossing the creek. Quickly after crossing, the trail will climb surprisingly steeply back up hill until you reach a flat bench. The trail doesn’t remain flat for long and will soon drop again. Compared to most other trails in San Pedro Parks, the Damian Trail has a number of ups and downs.

The trail continues to undulate through old growth forest until it eventually enters a small meadow that opens up into a larger one. As you cross through the meadow, you will pass a small campsite and then reenter the forest just before coming to the trail’s terminus at a junction with Las Vacas Trail – Trail #51.