Divide Trail – Trail #36

The Divide Trail is a 13 mile trail that runs from the Skyline Trail – Trail #251 north to Comales Cutoff Trail – Trail #22A.

Trail Condition: Good

From the junction with the Serpent Lake Trail – Trail #19, there is no tree cover for a number of miles to the top of Jicarita Peak.

While the route is easy to follow, the trail comes in and out at this point, saying on the west side of a small rise that runs along the ridge. The terrain is rocky, so be mindful of your footing. Also, in June, the wildflowers in the section were spectacular. Sky pilots are an especial favorite of mine since they only grow at the highest elevations.

Before making the final climb to the peak, the trail dips into a small, wide saddle. The official trail contours around the west side of the mountain, but the more popular route continues up the ridge to the peak. Because this trail is more of a social path, at points it fades in and out, but the route is obvious. The path becomes more obvious toward the top of the peak.

To read more about the Serpent Lake Trail, see my trip report from Jicarita Peak.