Fisherman’s Canyon Trail – Trail #48

The Fisherman’s Canyon Trail – Trail #48 is a 1 mile trail that goes between the Diamond Creek Trail – Trail #40 and the Continental Divide Trail – Trail #74.

Trail Condition: Good

May 2018

From the signed junction with the Diamond Creek Trail – Trail #40, the Fisherman’s Canyon climbs up and to the left. The first few hundred yards climb through the bottom of a small side canyon that continued a small amount of running water.

Eventually it climbs out of the canyon, and climbs steeply towards the ridge through ponderosa forest. At points, the forest cover is light making the trail slightly difficult to make-out, but an experienced hiker will have zero difficulty.

After a mile, it joins the Continental Divide Trail – Trail #74 at a marked junction.

To read more about the Fisherman’s Canyon Trail, see my trip report from Diamond Creek and Diamond Peak.