Garcia Spring Trail – Trail #730

The Garcia Spring Trail is a 3.8 mile long trail that begins at a junction with the Chicken Coop Trail – Trail #29 and ends at the Middle Fork Trail – Trail #157.

Trail Conditions: Moderate

May 2020

The trail remains in Moderate to Good condition. Watch out for the fork where the trail turns uphill after contouring above a small drainage. Another faint trail continues to contour above the creek, but the trail climbs to the top of a hill with a nice view before steering back into the forest and contouring to the northwest.

May 2019

About 1.2 mile from Prior Cabin, the Chicken Coop Trail – Trail #29 reaches an unmarked fork. Follow the trail to the right to pick up the Garcia Spring Trail – Trail #730.

For about 1/4 mile, the Garcia Spring Trail follows this canyon downstream before climbing onto a bench above the descending wash. For a short while, the trail parallels the wash downstream, but eventually takes a sharp turn, climbing steeply along an open ridge.

Be careful here, however, because there is also a faint trail that continues straight along the wash. The trail headed uphill is also faint at first, but gets easier and easier to follow as it continues.

As the trail approaches the treeline, it turns back to the right and begins to descend slightly. In this section, it weaves in and out of small side canyons, gradually trending downhill. This entire section of trail is in good condition. Also, be sure to enjoy the views of the Middle Fork Canyon that slowly emerge as you get closer to dropping in.

When you’re about 3/4 mile from the Middle Fork, the trail passes close to the rim of the canyon. This is worth a quick side trip to the canyon’s edge where you’ll look down on a large horseshoe bend in the river.

Shortly after this overlook, the trail climbs slightly up a narrow ridge before making its final decent to the Middle Fork. Compared to your decent into the West Fork the previous day, this final drop will be much short and much easier. Depending on how you are feeling, take advantage of the nice campsite at the base of the Garcia Spring Trail where it meets the Middle Fork Trail – Trail #157 at a junction whose only indication is a small rock cairn.