Gascon Trail – Trail #239

The Gascon Trail is a 12.8 mile trail in the Pecos Wilderness of the Santa Fe National Forest. It runs between the Beatty’s Trail (#25) and the eastern Skyline Trail (#251)

Trail Condition: Poor (#25 to #24)

   Good (#24 to #456)

   Good (#249 to #224)

July 2017

Beattys Trail to Pecos Trail:

The 1.5 mile mile segment between Trail #25 and the Pecos Trail – Trail #24 is not easily navigable. From the junctions with #25 and #24, the trail is easy to follow. But from #24, the Gascon Trail disappears upon cresting a small hill. From Beatty’s Trail, the Gascon Trail disappears even quicker. While this section of the Gascon Trail no longer exists as a unified segment, the hill it crests offers amazing views of Trailrider’s Wall, so if you are up for doing some cross-country walking, it may be worth the detour. Due to the wide-open nature of the terrain, it is possible to navigate off-trail if you are going from #24 to #25. If you are traveling from #25 to #24, the Gascon Trail disappears earlier, which makes it more difficult navigate.

June 2017

Hamilton Mesa Trail to Rio Valdez Trail:

The 1.2 mile section from the junction with the Hamilton Mesa Trail – Trail #249 and the Rio Valdez Trail – Trail #224 is good. This short section of trail is more than passable and easy to follow as slowly descends toward the Rio Valdez.

Pecos River Trail to Pecos Trail:

This 1/2 mile section of the Gascon Trail between the Pecos River Trail – Trail #456 and the Pecos Trail – Trail #24 is in good condition and well marked. There are a handful of junctions in this short stretch, so pay attention and be sure not to make a wrong turn.


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