Gavilan Trail – Trail #60

The Gavilan Trail is a 2.3 mile trail that runs from NM-150 to a junction with the Lobo Peak Trail and the Columbine Creek Trail.

Trail Condition: Good

July 2018

From the road, the trail veers to the north to join Gavilan Creek. In the first 1/2 mile the trail crosses behind a handful of houses and hotels, so be sure to remain on the trail.

At roughly a mile, the trail crosses the creek and starts climbing steeply up a series of switchbacks. Because the trail is less than 2.5 miles long, it must gain elevation quickly, which it does quite efficiently.

In the final 3/4 miles, the trail enters a series of open meadows that provide views looking back at the Taos Ski Valley. In this section, the grade lessens, but picks up again for the final push to the junction with the Lobo Peak Trail – Trail #57 and the Columbine Creek Trail – Trail #71.


For more information on the Gavilan Trail, see my trip report from the Gavilan Peak Loop.