Gila Wilderness

The Gila Wilderness is not only New Mexico’s first Wilderness, but America’s first Wilderness. First recommended by Aldo Leopold in 1922, the Gila Wilderness was established in 1924, 40 years before the Wilderness Act.

Located in the Gila National Forest, the Gila Wilderness covers 558,014 acres, including much of the Mogollon Range of southwest New Mexico. Parts of the Wilderness see significant foot traffic, but due to how remote it is, much of Wilderness sees few recreationists making it especially important to confirm trail conditions.

Big Bear Canyon Trail – Trail #28

Trotter Trail – Trail #30

West Fork Gila River – Trail #151

Prior Creek Trail – Trail #156

Middle Fork Gila River – Trail #157

Lilley Park Trail – Trail #164

Rain Creek Trail – Trail #189

West Fork Mogollon Creek – Trail #224

Hell’s Hole Trail – Trail #268

Aeroplane Mesa Trail – Trail #705

Little Bear Canyon Trail – Trail #729

Garcia Spring Trail – Trail #730