Gold Hill Trail – Trail #64

The Gold Hill Trail – Trail #64 is a 5.2 mile trail that runs from the Wheeler Peak Trail – Trail #90 to the Deer Creek Trail – Trail #69.

Trail Conditions: Good to Excellent

August 2020

Wheeler Peak Trail – Trail #90 to Gold Hill

From the junction with the Wheeler Peak Trail, turn left to begin switchbacking uphill. The first mile climbs steadily if not steeply through thick forest until reaching a bench at which point the trail begins to level off.

From here, it meanders through the mature spruce and fir forest, gently climbing as it goes. Eventually it will pop out into a small meadow and just a short distance later you will reach the ruins of an old cabin and a trail sign for the Gold Hill Trail, at which point it turns left towards the junction with the Long Canyon Trail – Trail #63.

From the junction, you should be able to see another trail sign that is skylined along the ridge above you. After .2 miles you will reach the sign. To right is the Goose Lake Trail. Go straight towards Gold Hill.

To continue to Gold Peak, continue straight up towards a small knob, whose north side is nearly shear. From a small saddle just before the knob, you should be able to see down to Goose Lake and the parking area.

Follow the trail as it contours around the south side of the knob to another small saddle where you can see the final push to the Gold Hill summit (12,711 feet). There will be a small switchback before reaching the large rounded peak. Enjoy the the 360 degree views of the Columbine-Hondo, Wheeler Peak and Latir Peak Wilderness Areas.