Hell’s Hole Trail – Trail #268

The Hell’s Hole Trail is 1.5 mile trail that goes from the West Fork Trail – Trail #151 to the Lilley Park Trail – Trail #164.

Trail Condition: Good

May 2020

The trail remains in good condition. There are a few downed trees that will create a momentary hassle but nothing more. Find the trail on the West Fork is the most difficult aspect.

May 2017

The Hell’s Hole Trail begins roughly 12 miles upstream from the Gila Cliff Dwelligs National Monument along the  West Fork Trail – Trail #151. The canyon widens upon entering the Hell’s Hole area with Trail #151 running on the southside of the river.

The final crossing before reaching Trail #268 is at a wide point on the river where the dry Hells Hole Canyon joins the West Fork. Be sure to fill up with water here. It is the last best water source for many miles in almost any direction.

The trail starts to the right of the dry gulch and switchbacks steeply up the face of the canyon. This section of trail is well marked and will be a nice break from the constant stream crossings of the West Fork Trail.

The trail comes in and out of mature ponderosa forest. Shade is available in places but not throughout the trail

After a 1.5 miles, the trail reaches the top of a plateau and quickly hits the junction with the Lilley Park Trail – Trail #164.

To read more about the Hell’s Hole Trail, see my trip report from the West Fork-Middle Fork Gila River.