Hollinger Trail – Trail #219

The Hollinger Trail is a 2.1 mile trail that starts from the Porvenir Divide Trail – Trail #247 and ends at the Bluebell Ridge Trail – Trail #212.

Trail Condition: Poor

The junction with the Porvenir Divide Trail – Trail #247 is marked, but unfortunately, the trail itself is somewhat nonexistent. It follows Hollinger Canyon upstream so it’s difficult to get “lost”.

So, at the signed junction, turn left crossing Beaver Creek and then Hollinger Creek a couple times almost immediately. After about five minutes of hiking, you will reach a pinch point where the creek passes through a large rock formation. Cross to the south side of the creek for the easiest passage.

From here, the trail continues to follow the creek upstream, never straying too far from the water. In places, there is a clear tread that is easy to follow. In others, the trail passes through grassy meadows that have swallowed the trail. Your best bet is that someone else has been there before you and you can make out their sign.

NOTE: Although it would be difficult to get “lost”, you should be comfortable with off trail travel.

If you are unsure of whether or not the trail crosses the creek at a certain point, look for places where the creek is wider than others. This is due to erosion caused by hikers and wildlife. On this point, also be sure to look out for tracks, especially in the mud near stream crossings. Because this trail is lightly used, it’s a good place to look for wildlife.

After about 1.5 miles, the trail will cross to the north side of the stream and enter a large meadow that is about 1/4 mile long. The trail will disappear here completely. Walked to the end of the meadow and cross back to the south side of the stream where you will enter another, slightly smaller meadow dotted with aspens.

The trail should be slightly easier to make out here, but not by much. Toward the end of this meadow, the trail steers back toward the stream where it will T into the Bluebell Ridge Trail – Trail #212. Because both trails are heavily faded, this junction can be easy to miss, especially since the trail sign is no longer standing.


For more information about the Hollinger Trail, see the trip report from Blue Bell Ridge.