Jack’s Creek Trail – Trail #257

The Jack’s Creek Trail – Trail #257 is a 10.1 mile trail that begins a junction with the Beattys Trail – Trail #25 and ends at the Skyline Trail – Trail #251.

Trail Condition: Excellent

July 2020

Beatty’s Trail to East Pecos Baldy Lake

The section of trail remains well-trodden and in excellent condition

July 2017

From the junction with the Beattys Trail – Trail #25, 2 miles north of the Jack’s Creek trailhead, the trail veers to the left along the west side of the large grassy mesa, initially passing through a small stand of aspens.

The trail then crosses through a series of meadows. In this section, the trail is easy to follow, but is extremely braided, so try to keep to one path to minimize impact.

After about 1.5 miles, it descends toward Jack’s Creek, crosses the stream, and follows it upstream for .5 miles before steering north, away from the creek.

The trail enters a burn area as it slowly climbs toward East Pecos Baldy Lake. Throughout this section, the trail is wide and easy to follow.

Just before reaching the small lake, the trail takes a right to climb up toward the top of Trailriders Ridge.

This entire section of trail between Beattys Trail and its first junction with the Skyline Trail – Trail #251 is in excellent condition.


To read more about the Jack’s Creek Trail, see my trip report from East Pecos Baldy – Truchas Lake Loop.