Jicarita Creek Trail – Trail #38

The Jicarita Creek Trail – Trail #38 is a 2 mile trail that starts at the Santa Barbara Campground and ends at a series of meadows below Jicarita Peak at 10,600 feet.

Trail Conditions: Good

October 2020

From the parking area, hike through the campground, staying on the lower side of the loop. As soon as you pass through the gate, you will reach a junction. The Middle Fork Trail – Trail #24 goes right. Go left to remain on the Jicarita Creek Trail.

The trail will follow the creek upstream for a short ways before crossing. You will be able to see the trail sign on the opposite side of the water. This is the official crossing point, but there’s a slightly easier spot to cross just upstream.

NOTE: During spring runoff or other high flows, crossing could be dangerous or impossible.

Soon after crossing the Rio Santa Barbara, the trail starts to climb. Steadily at first, but then steeply, the trail makes its way up the narrow ridge. The more you climb, you should get good views of the surrounding canyon.

The entire way, the trail remains in good condition and is easy to follow. With about 1 mile left, the trail enters an aspen stand for about 1/3 mile. After that, the trail traverses over to a darkly forested gulch. A short while after this point, it will pop out into the first in a series of meadows. You can keep ascending, but the trail officially ends here.