Kayser Mill Trail – Trail #80

The Kayser Mill Trail is a 2 mile long trail that goes from Forest Road 422 to the Manzano Crest Trail – Trail #170.

Trail Condition: Good

May 2017

The trail begins on a wide two-track that is easy to follow across the relatively flat open burn area from the 2008 Trigo Fire.

At slightly under a mile, the trail enters the Manzano Mountains Wilderness and turns to single track, and begins climbing at a steeper clip.

The trail contours to the north as it climbs toward the Manzano Crest Trail – Trail #170. This section reenters more older growth forest, and typical of the Manzanos, features plenty of short, scrubby Gambel oak. In the last quarter mile before the crest, the trail switcbacks to the left and makes the final push.

To read more about the Kayser Mill Trail, see my trip report from Manzano Peak.