Palomas Trail – Trail #50

Las Palomas Trail is a 3.8 mile trail that starts at FR 70 and ends Las Vacas Trail – Trail #51.

Trail Conditions: Good

September 2020

From the trailhead, start up the Palomas Trail – Trail #50. The first quarter mile of the trail is the steepest of the entire route so feel free to give it your all. The trail will follow a narrow ridge through an old growth forest for about one mile before descending towards the Rito de las Perchas.

Cross the stream and turn right. In about 50 yards, you’ll reach a signed junction. Turn left at this junction to stay on the Palomas Trail. In 100 yards you’ll reach another junction. Stay on the Palomas Trail – this time turning right and following the trail into a small, narrow canyon. In between stands of thick spruce and fir, the trail will pass through a series of small meadows. I did this hike a few days after an early season snow and despite there still being plenty of snow on the ground, the trail was easy to follow.

The trail climbs slightly at first, but never steeply and eventually levels off until it drops into the Rio de las Vacas. Soon afterwards you will reach a trail junction with Las Vacas Trail – Trail #51.