Mora Flats Trail – Trail #250

The Mora Flats Trail is a 9.2 mile trail that goes from the Sparks Trailhead to a junction with the Hamilton Mesa Trail – Trail #249.

Trail Condition: Good

May 2020

From Hamilton Mesa to the Rio Valdez, the trail remains in Good to Excellent condition.

June 2017

Hamilton Mesa to Rio Valdez:

From the junction with the Hamilton Mesa Trail – Trail #249, the Mora Flats trail descends toward the Rio Mora. This section of trail starts in pretty aspen forest and slowly winds its way downhill to the small stream at the bottom of the valley. It is well-marked and easy to follow.

There’s a nice campsite where the trail hits the river at a junction with the Los Esteros Trail – Trail #226.

To read more about the Mora Flats Trail, see my trip report from the Pecos Falls Loop.