Pecos River Trail – Trail #456

The Pecos River Trail is a 3.3 mile trail that goes from the Skyline Trail to the Gascon Trail.

Trail Condition: Good to Moderate

June 2016

From the top of the ridge at the junction with the Skyline Trail – Trail #251 and the Rio Valdez Trail – Trail #224, go southwest to follow the Pecos River Trail.

For the first few hundred yards above treeline the trail is faded, but I was able to follow it to the crest of the ridge where it begins dropping to the Pecos River. Once at the edge, the trail appeared again, and remained easy to follow the remainder of the way.

Despite it being easy to follow, however, the trail was extremely rough. Partially due to how steep it is, the trail is washed out and eroded in places and contained a few downed trees. I was happy to have my trekking poles and by the time I reach the Pecos River, my legs were burning.

Upon reaching the Pecos River, the trail crosses to the west side. The crossing was by no means dangerous, but trickier than many given how much water there was in June.

Once the trail is on the west side of the River, it follows the valley downstream along the creek through wide open, grassy meadows to the junction with the Gascon Trail – Trail #239.

The Pecos Falls are just downhill from this junction and are well worth the side trip and justify a short break.


To read more about the Pecos River Trail, see my trip report from the Pecos Falls Loop.