Perchas Trail – Trail #418

The Perchas Trail – Trail #418 is roughly 3.2 mile long trail that runs in two parts. The first part runs from the Palomas Trail – Trail #50 to Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32 and the second part runs from the Penas Negras Trail to the Rio Puerco Trail – Trail #385 in the Vega Redonda.

Trail Conditions: Moderate

September 2020

Rio Puerco Trail to the Palomas Trail

From the Rio Puerco Trail – Trail #385 in the Vega Redonda, you will reach a small rise. The Rio Puerco Trail continues to the southeast and is marked by a series of wooden posts. However, to your right, you should be able to see another wooden post that leads into the tress to the south. This is the inauspicious beginnings of the Perchas Trail.

Just past the post, the trail enters the wood and the tread picks up. There’s lots of downfall all around t he trail, but thanks to some trail maintenance, the trail itself is actually in good condition. It climbs steadily for the good part of a mile before leveling off and entering a large, narrow meadow, which eventually opens up into an even larger meadow. The official junction with the Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32 is to the right.

From the junction with the Penas Negras Trail, the Perchas Trail follows the Rito de las Perchas downstream through a wide valley. At first, there won’t be any discernible trail to follow, but the route should be obvious. Simply continue downstream through the valley as it slowly narrows. The trail will emerge on the northwest side of the creek just before crossing a small tributary. Shortly after this, the trail will enter the trees and you will come to the signed junction with the Palomas Trail – Trail #50.