Porvenir Divide Trail – Trail #247

The Porvenir Divide Trail is 12.9 miles long. It begins at Hermits Peak/Pornevir trailhead and ends at the Skyline Trail – Trail #251.

Trail Condition: Good

June 2019

Trailhead to Hollinger Trail – Trail #219

There were an extremely high number of downed trees in this section. The trail itself was still easy to follow, but slow and cumbersome. However, because it is a high use area, there’s a high chance that the Forest Service will clear it soon.

The stream crossings were still high due to the big winter. The crossings were still safe, but it was nearly impossible to stay dry.

Hermit Peak Connector Trail to top of Beaver Creek

From the connector trail, the Porvenir Divide Trail continues to follow Beaver Creek upstream. At first, there are a fair number of stream crossings, but these become less and less frequent as you continue.

There are a few downed – one that is particularly bad – but compared to the lower section of trail, this was a breeze.

For 2 miles, the trail is in a narrow canyon, but it eventually opens up into a series of large meadows. The trail was discernible despite crossing through grassy meadows known for swallowing trails like this that receive infrequent use. It crosses the creek a couple times, but these crossings will be fair easier than those lower down.

Eventually, you’ll come to a sign post and rock pile marking the junction with the Bluebell Trail – Trail #10. The trail leading into the woods on the far side of the stream is undetectable  and this trail is only realistically possible to follow from the other direction.

After another .5 miles, you pass a signed junction for the Lone Pine Mesa Trail – Trail #214. Continue to follow Beaver Creek upstream. You’ll cross the stream a few more times before the canyon narrows once again.

After the trail crosses to the south side of the creek, it will leave the main stem of Beaver Creek and follow a smaller tributary. Follow the stream for about 5 minutes after which it will cross one last time and begin climbing away from the water and to the junction with the Blue Bell Ridge Trail – Trail #212.

May 2018

No change, but with the non-winter of 2017/2018, all of the stream crossings were all straight forward.

May 2016

From the Hermits Peak trailhead, Trail #247 is in good condition for its first 5.2 miles. There are a handful of downed trees that are easy to walk around, and in the tight canyon, the trail is easy to follow.

There are many stream crossings, and during this spring run-off period, Beaver Creek was running. All of the crossings are doable, but some required a bit of searching to find a good place to cross. Trekking poles are recommended for this reason.

To read more about the Porvenir Divide Trail see my trip reports from Hermit Peak and Porvenir Canyon and Blue Bell Ridge.