Red Canyon Trail – Trail #89

The Red Canyon Trail is a 2.7 mile trail that begins at the Red Canyon campground and ends at the Manzano Crest Trail – Trail #170.

Trail Conditions: Moderate

June 2019

Pick up the trail on the west side of the parking lot. Follow this trail, passing the campground below you. Once past the campground, you will reach a junction with the Spruce Spring Trail – Trail #189. Go left to follow Trail #89.

In the first half mile, the trail will cross the dry wash twice before water will appear on the third crossing. Shortly after water appears, the trail will climb past two small cascades, and a short ways after that, about 1 mile from the trailhead, the trail crosses into the Wilderness.

It continues to follow the creek for another 1/2 mile before switchbacking steeply away from the creek. After a few switchbacks, it continues to climb steeply to the junction with the Manzano Crest Trail – Trail #170 in a small, grassy saddle at a signed junction.

For more information, see the trip report from Gallo Peak.