Rio Puerco Trail – Trail #385

The Rio Puerco Trail is a 5.2 mile trail that starts at the Rio Puerco Trailhead on FR 103 and ends at a junction with the Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32.

Trail Conditions: Good

September 2020

Penas Negras Trail to Vega Redonda Trail

From the junction with the Penas Negras Trail – Trail #32, go east to pick u pand follow the Rio Puerco Trail. The trail starts out flat, meandering along the southern edge of Vega del Osa before turning south and descending.

The trail drops to the very headwaters of the Rito Resumidero and climbs back up into beetle kill forest. The forest is almost completely made up of dead trees and there is some downfall on the trail, but it is easy to bypass. The trail continues to descend after this brief climb, and crosses through a small meadow before popping out above the dramatic Vega Redonda.

There is an unmarked junction here. The Vega Redonda Trail – Trail #43 goes left, but the Rio Puerco Trail traverse through the southwest corner of the Vega Redonda.