Rito Quemado Trail – Trail #157

The Rito Quemado Trail is a 3.2 mile trail that starts from FR 306 and ends at the Rio Molina Trail – Trail #227

Trail Conditions: Good

July 2020

From the small parking area, across from the privately owned large meadow on FR 306, walk up the small dirt two track. The road will fork twice. Stay left both times until you come across the trail sign indicating the official start of the Rito Quemado Trail.

The trail will descend into the small, dry gulch, staying on the right side, until it crosses the gulch and contours away from it. The trail will curve around a small crest then start to drop again. This section of the trail is steep and will remain so until it reaches the Rio Medio.

The trail crosses the Rio Medio – easy in summer, more difficult in spring, and immediately begins climbing again. The trail will switchback efficiently and steep until it reaches the top of the ridge.

From here, the trail mostly mellows out with a few sections of steeper climbing. Most of the trail is easy to follow, but a couple sections through burn areas can be slightly more difficult and require moments of your attention to remain on the trail.

The trail remain on the ridge for most of the time, but in the final couple hundred yards will traverse the left side of the ridge before reaching the junction with the Rio Molina Trail – Trail #227.