Gallinas Canyon Trail – Trail #129

The Gallinas Canyon Trail is a roughly 6 mile long trail in the Gila National Forest that begins from the Railroad Canyon Campground. It ends at the Black Range Crest Trail (#79).

Trail Condition: Good to Poor

February 2018

From the trailhead, the first 1.5 miles of the trail feature many stream crossings. In February 2018, the creek was running high, making the stream crossings difficult, but still very doable.

After 1.5 miles, from the junction with the Railroad Canyon Trail (#128), the Gallinas Canyon Trail climbs up and away from the creek on its east side. Here the trail grows faint, and after about 1/2 mile when it begins to return to the creek, the trail disappears completely upon entering a burn area from the 2013 Silver Fire.

As long as you are comfortable with navigating off-trail, continue to follow Gallinas Creek upstream. The trail reappears on the east side of the creek, and remains in good condition in outgrowth areas.

In burn areas, the trail frequently disappears, but it remains close to the creek and thus easy to follow. The last pitch of the trail that climbs to the Black Range Crest and junction with Trail #79 can be quite hard to follow due to dead fall. Still, the trail remains passable.

To read more about the Gallinas Canyon Trail, see my 2018 trip report from Railroad Canyon Loop.