Vega Redonda Trail – Trail #43

The Vega Redonda Trail is a 3 mile long trail that starts at a trailhead on FR 93 G and ends at a junction with the Rio Puerco Trail – Trail #385 above the Vega Redonda.

Trail Conditions: Good

September 2020

Although the the Vega Redonda Trail officially starts along the rough FR 93, an easier way to reach the trail is via the Corralitos Trail – Trail #452. A mile from the trailhead, the Corralitos Trail will fork, and the Vega Redonda Trail will go to the left (south), crossing the Rito Resumidero.

From here, the trail climbs through a small, rocky outcropping and enters old growth forest where it climbs gently, but steadily for the next mile or so. The trail is in good condition as it enters a small dry gulch that serves as a tributary to the Rito Resumidero.

Eventually, the trail pops out on the edge of a meadow. Stay in the trees, along the edge of the meadow, until the trail eventually dumps out into the bottom of the gulch. There will be cairns and wooden sign posts that guide you up the bottom of the grassy gulch until you reach the crest. From here, the trail turns uphill and west to the unmarked junction with the Rio Puerco Trail – Trail #385.