Wheeler Peak Summit Trail – Trail #67

The Wheeler Peak Summit Trail is 2.2 miles long and runs between the Williams Lake Trail – Trail #62 and the Wheeler Peak Trail – Trail #90

Trail Condition: Excellent

August 2017

No change

September 2015

From the junction with the Williams Lake Trail, the Wheeler Peak Summit Trail climbs up the steep slope toward Wheeler Peak to the east. The first 1 mile traverses through forest and alpine scrub before entering a large scree field.

At this point, the trail is above the treeline and there is no cover. The trail gains nearly 3,000 feet in just over 2.2 miles, so it is extremely steep. Go slowly, and while you do, look out for marmots and pika. This is probably the most accessible place to view pika in all of New Mexico.

After switchbacking up the precipitous face, the trail ends less than a half mile from Wheeler Peak at the junction with Trail #90.

To read more about the Wheeler Peak Summit Trail, see my trip report from the Wheeler Peak Loop.