Winsor Creek Trail – Trail #261

The Winsor Creek Trail is 3 mile trail that connects two sections of the Winsor Trail (#254) near Cowles. The Forest Service no longer maintains #261.

Trail Condition: Moderate

June 2019

There are many more downed trees across the trail. Passage is still possible and this is still the quickest way to access Stewart Lake, but it is far more cumbersome than it was even a few years ago.

Also, in early June 2019, the trail was almost entirely clear except for a few patches of snow near the junction with the Winsor Trail.

September 2017

The Winsor Creek Trail is an unmaintained trail that offers the quickest route to Stewart Lake in the Pecos Wilderness. Despite there being significant deadfall along the trail, as of Fall 2017, the trail was still passable and easy to follow.

To read more about the Winsor Creek Trail, see the trip report for Stewart Lake.