Yerba Canyon Trail – Trail #61

The Yerba Trail is a 3.7 mile trail that runs from NM-150 to the Lobo Peak Trail – Trail #57 near the summit of Lobo Peak.

Trail Condition: Good

July 2019

From the trailhead, just past mile marker 10, start up the two track, that will narrow into a single track after 100 yards. For the next 1.5 miles, the trail will remain along the creek, crossing frequently. This section climbs steadily, but is not terribly steep.

After about 1.5 miles, the trail crosses to the east side of the creek and starts switchbacking away from the water. From this point, there will not be any reliable water. In parts, the trail can be quite steep as climbs as much as 100 feet above the creek, and alternates between climbing and contouring up canyon.

In the final .7 miles before the junction with the Lobo Peak Trail – Trail #57, the trail will enter a small basin and then climb extremely steeply uphill to a small saddle. This section of trail is brutal, but the good news is that you are almost to the top.

Once in the saddle, the trail turns right to continue uphill along a narrow ridge, passing the Manzanita Canyon Trail – Trail #58 before reaching the Lobo Peak Trail, just shy of the Lobo Peak summit.


For more information on the Yerba Canyon Trail, see my trip report from Lobo Peak.